Thursday, December 29, 2011

Austin and Lacey

This is why I didn't keep the new camera! Blurrsville.

We used to see Austin and Lacey all the time, but with them not living nearby we only get to see then a few times a year now. Carlee brought them by for out annual mini Christmas shin dig. We had dinner, gave them their gifts and had a great time "bowling" with Seth's RC car and a set of dominos.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at Mimi's

We had Christmas at Mimi's late this year because they went to Papa George's daughter's house. Unfortunately, I haven't been taking nearly as many pictures as usual because the new camera that I got (which I decided not to keep) takes blurry pictures about half of the time!

Cute Quotes

"Mom, what is your weenie made out of? Skin and cartlidge like your nose and ears?"

S: Mom, was Rudolph born yet when you were a kid?
M: Yup.
S: Wow! That's why you're really old.

When Seth was writing his letter to Santa, I was trying to encourage him to not be too greedy. I told him that he should make a little small talk before listing what he wants. When he was making his list, I asked him if he wanted to ask for something like world peace. His response? "Well....that's never gonna happen."

"Good tidings we bring, to you and your kid..."

"It's beginning to look a lot like breakfast...

"Dad, Mom is the ruler of the family. Right?" Smart kid.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 On Christmas Eve, we packed up the van and headed up to Mom's. We took everyone out to eat at Carrabba's. We have never gone out on Christmas Eve before, but it was kinda nice. When we got back, Seth got ready for bed and I read The Night Before Christmas to everyone. We left Santa milk, cookies, shrimp & beer. (We grew up leaving Santa shrimp and beer and I want to carry on that tradition. This is literally the only time of your I ever buy beer!) This year, since it was already late, we left frozen shrimp. I assures Seth that Santa didn't mind because e was used to having it frozen at the North Pole.  Seth and Mom hit the sack and Mom said that he heard Santa's bells and didn't move a muscle after! Mark, Aunt Sandy and I stayed up a while wrapping gifts. Miles observed. The next morning Seth woke up around 7 and was super excited to open presents. Some of the gifts he got were a bike with a crazy helmet, legos, books, movies, shoes and a mini planetarium. He and Mark were both thrilled over a bowl of individually wrapped lego Star Wars minifigures.

That afternoon Dan, Erika, Chase & Molly came over. Dana, Domingo and Sophia were in Ohio. :( We opened gifts and surprised Mom with everything she needed to finish the remodel on her bathroom. Afterwards, Don, Linda & Granny joined us for dinner. We made a prime rib- another first - and it turned out great. We had to head home earlier than I would have liked, but poor Mark had to be at work at 6 the next morning to do the final inventory for the year. All in all, it was another great Christmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas W/ Papa R

Papa R, Stacy, Bobby, Trey, Miles and Carlee came over for an early Christmas with Papa. He loaded the living room with an insane amount of packages! Stacy and I made a bunch of appetizers and we all had a nice time.

Where is my tiny boy?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Lights on the River

Emily and the Askins family came up and joined Seth and I (Mark had to work.) for the lights at Saluda Shoals park. The kids had fun driving through the light displays, roasting marshmallows and riding the sled ride, but they had the most fun spinning the photo displays in one of the buildings. This is the second year Seth and I have gone here and I hope to make it one of our traditions.