Friday, July 31, 2009

Sick Little Boy

Poor little Seth woke up yesterday crying with a terrible earache. I took him to his pediatrician and he has swimmer's ear. I'm not surprised - we have been swimming like fish this summer. She gave us a prescription for some antibiotic ear drops and today he is doing much better today. Other than some Zantac when he had acid reflux as a baby, this is Seth's first prescription and only the second time he has been to the doctor for being sick. Not bad for almost three years! Still, there is not a more helpless feeling than watching your sick child in pain. Thank goodness he is on the road to recovery!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1 - Volkswagen - I would like to turn an old VW bus into a camper a la Pimp My Ride.

2- Valentine - It a way it changes meanings when you have kids.

3 - Vampires - I never really got into any of the vampire books out there.

4 - Darth Vader - James Earl Jones' voice still scares me.

5 - Viper - I am terrified of snakes - especially poisonous ones.

6 - Vitamins - I don't take them as often as I should. I don't keep any of the kiddy ones in the house because they seem too candy like and I am afraid of overdose. Hopefully, Seth will get his nutrients the old fashioned way.

7 - Vain - Something I am not.

8 - Vacation - One of my favorite things. I love to spend time with loved ones seeing new (or old) places.

9 - Vacuum - Seth is still terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

10 - Vanilla - One of my favorite scents.

11 - Vegetables - Seth is usually good about eating his veggies. Broccoli is is favorite.

12 - Villain - If I were an actress, I'd want to play the villain. It seems so fun.

13 - VH1 - I hate to admit it but I watch some of the cheesy reality shown on there. I think it helps me shut the wheels in my brain off for a bit - truly mindless television.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ebay Item of the Week

Lot of Vintage and Newer Glow Worms - 1983 - 2003
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A Nice Surprise

Dana came to visit and brought along a surprise....Dad! We had a nice visit, went to lunch at Yesterday's and went to EdVenture. Dad bought us a family pass, so we can go back anytime we want!

We got to explore the insides of Eddie - a 40 foot boy,
create our own news cast,
experience life in an African village,
make some binoculars,
learn how to clean teeth
observe beautiful butterflies,
and build and knock down a giant block tower.
We even took a break and enjoyed ice cream in a virtual McDonalds.

Dana bought Seth a neat ball and Dad bought him a light necklace. Later on he asked who got them for him. (I think he was testing me.) I told him that Papa bought the necklace and Aunt Dana bought the ball. His reply was, "They are pretty nice people."

Seth loved singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider with Aunt Dana. After they left, he informed me that he was a great singer. She must have told him that - and I couldn't agree more. I love to hear him sing.

It was a great visit and we already miss them!

Monday, July 27, 2009

No, David! by David Shannon

Seth and I both love this 1999 Caldecott Medal winning book. Although the book actually has very few words, the hilarious pictures say it all. David gets told no by his mom over and over again as he breaks every rule in the house - jumping on the bed, shoving too much food in his mouth, playing baseball in the living room and even running naked down the street! Even though David has been scolded all day, in the end his mom hugs him and lets him know that he is loved. I think any mom or child can relate to this book on some level. We also enjoy The Rain Came Down by this talented writer/illustrator.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice Excavating Fun

Seth and I had so much fun with this activity. I froze a bunch of tiny treasures in a loaf pan and then we used a squirt bottle of water and some tools to break them free. Thanks Melissa for always giving us such great ideas!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ice Tray Tasties

The other night, I had to work but I left Seth this tasty surprise in the fridge. I have tried the muffin tin meals that I have seen on many of the blogs. This is a similar concept. I love that Seth will try anything when it's divided up like this. I bought three of these trays at the Dollar Tree for a buck. They are meant to be ice trays that make long, narrow ice sticks to put down in water bottles. In the slots are: Quesadillas, Carrots, Pretzel Sticks, Applesauce Fruit Bites, Mozzarella Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Cucumbers, Fresh Cherries, Peanuts and Sweet Watermelon. Daddy reported back that he loved his "daprise" and asked for refills of the watermelon and fruit bites. He did not care for the onions. Mark tried to explain that it wasn't onion, it was cucumber but there was no convincing him.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Heath!

We hope you have a great day!

An Afternoon At Seven Oaks

The other day, Seth and I met up with our playgroup at Seven Oaks park. We had a great time making popcorn art and playing on the playground. Seth is so independent. He wants to climb the ladders by himself and when I spot him he gets mad at me. I have to explain that I'm not helping him, just making sure he doesn't fall.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1- Underwater - I find swimming underwater very peaceful but think I'd feel trapped if I tried SCUBA diving.

2 - Unique - Some parents like try to put kids into a mold but I hope to always celebrate what makes Seth a unique individual.

3 - USA - I love our country.

4 - USC - Where I attended college. Go Gamecocks!

5 - Utopia - A state I believe cannot be accomplished.

6 - UFC - Mark likes watching it but it literally makes me feel ill to see.

7 - Universe - Such an odd concept to me. How can something go on forever?

8 - Ultrasound - It's pretty amazing that we can see our children before they are born.

9 - Underwear - Seth loves picking out and putting on his "Big Boys Underwears". If only he would get to the potty every time.

10 - Up Up and Away - My sister was proposed to in a hot air balloon.

11 - Uncle - Seth is lucky to have 4 awesome uncles!

12 - Underdog - It's inspiring to see an underdog prevail.

13 - Uhaul - I like to point out all of the state murals on passing Uhauls to Seth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


While Seth was eating an egg and cheese sandwich he was struggling to keep it all together. I heard him say, "Please! Please! Not you egg. Get back on the inside. I love you egg!"

Ebay Item of the Week

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Monday, July 20, 2009

So Say The Little Monkeys by Nancy Van Laan

Seth LOVES reading books. He has since he was tiny and I hope it is the beginning of a life long affair. I want to remember all of the great books that he asks to read over and over. This is the first installation.

This fun rhymed retelling of a Brazilian folk tale had us at hello. I often find rhyming to get irritating, but this is done with grace and style. The tale of tiny monkeys who don't want to stop playing to build their shelter is full of fun onomatopoeia and beautiful illustrations by Yumi Heo. When the cold rainy night falls the monkeys lament their poor decisions as they shiver atop the pointy palms. But when the sun comes out the next day, the monkeys forget all about their discomfort the night before and play the day away. This fun book gives a great lesson on the importance of planning ahead.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheese Baby

Seth has become quite taken with the idea of having a baby lately. I guess because everyone around us is having or has had a baby. He keeps telling me that there is a baby growing in his belly. He has taken the glow part out of a glow worm and pretended it was a bottle. The glow worm was his baby and he was feeding it. The other day he was eating a piece of swiss cheese and decided it was his baby. He carried it around in it's cradle (the package) and fed it a bottle ( a pen). He told it that he loved it and gave it kisses. The cheese baby even shared a name with his cousin. Sadly, the cheese baby met an untimely demise when Daddy saw a half-eaten piece of cheese laying on the counter in the end of the package and threw it away. RIP Cheese Baby.

Friday, July 17, 2009

All Three in One Room!

Today we had the rare treat of having all three kids in one room at the same time. Seth, Miles and Carlee played with pop-ons and read books. ( I think Miles liked The Fuzzy Yellow Duck just as much as Seth!) Seth was so excited to play with both of them and was absolutely glowing. He loves his big sister and broter so much!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a Boy!

We are so excited that Dan and Erika are going to have a baby boy! Apparently the babies in our family come two at a time - and we get a boy and a girl each time! We can't wait to meet our new nephew (Chase?) in December.

Thursday Thirteen

1 - Thanksgiving - I'm glad we have a day to say what we sometimes forget to say everyday.

2 - Telephone - Even though many family members and friends live far away, I'm glad I get to speak with them often.

3 - Travel - I love to visit new places near and far.

4 - Tattoo - I have one tattoo. It is the Kanji symbol for love with my wedding date on my lower back. Mark and I got matching tattoos on our honeymoon.

5 - Target - One of my favorite stores.

6 - Text Message - I have actually only ever sent one text. I just don't see the appeal.

7 - Things Remembered - My first job when I was in high school.

8 - T. J. - A dear old friend - AKA Bird.

9 - Teddily Bearily - My bear that I have ha all of my life.

10 - Taffy - When I was pregnant, one of my cravings was laffy taffy.

11 - Taxes - I usually do our taxes myself.

12 - Tomorrow - It is always exciting to see what the new day will bring.

13 - The End

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ebay Item of the Week

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind of 3rd birthday fun. Saturday morning we got on the road early and headed to Olivia's birthday party. She had an awesome water slide, a bubble table and yummy treats. At first Seth was afraid of the slide but he finally got up the nerve. That was all it took. One slide and it was on! After Olivia's party we headed up to Charlotte for Molly's birthday party. Somehow, we got lost and Uncle Dan had to come rescue us! Molly had a pirate ship pool, a pinata and lots of yummy treats too. After the party we went back to Mom and Dad's and everyone crashed early. The next day Dana, Peanut, Dan, Erika and Molly all came over for dinner. We had a great weekend and can't wait to see everyone again!

Seth took it upon himself to help both girls blow out their candles. (Sorry girls! He can't see a candle without trying to blow it out!)

Molly loved her dress up tote!

Seth was napping when Molly came in asleep as well. Dan laid her in the bed with Seth. He woke up a short time later. He wouldn't leave her side till she woke up.
Later they enjoyed a rousing game of Chicken Limbo, courtesy of Aunt Dana.