Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Reading

Today was the first day of school for summer. Seth and I started off at swim team and then he request to go to Compton's Kitchen for breakfast.

After we headed over to the library and when we walked in Seth grabbed a book of the first display table and said , "This looks like the kind of book you would want to read with me," which was absolutely true because I was about to reach for it but he got it before I could.

Sometimes I just get a feeling about a book, like a wave of peacefulness comes over me when I look at or hold a new book, and that's often how I choose what we read together.

My instinct​ is usually right and today was no different. Roxaboxen was lovely book about the true story of some children in the Arizona desert who made a play town primarily out of their imaginations. Even though the book is recommended from ages 5 - 8, Seth and I both enjoyed it very much