Monday, October 31, 2011

Lock Up Your Daughters or Seth's School Costume

Trick or Treat

For Halloween, we did the traditional Trick or Treat Crawl. Since Mark wouldn't be home in time to do Seth's makeup, we had agreed that e would just wear his rocker costume that he wore to school. About five minutes before we were to meet Stacy and Trey, Seth decided that he just HAD to be Gene Simmons again. I quickly threw on some makeup amid tears and wiggles and it paled in comparison to Mark's makeup job, but Seth was happy and that's all that matters. We picked up Stacy and Trey, who was dressed like Spider-Man, and headed over to Mimi's. Then we headed back to Stacy's, met up with Mark & Bobby and Trick or Treated our way to and from Papa's house, meeting a delightful Chihuahua/Devil mix named Randall along the way. The boys had  a great time and we made it home in time for bedtime.