Friday, December 25, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus....

After our get together on Christmas Eve, it was time for Seth to go to bed. We forgot The Night Before Christmas at home and couldn't find Mom & Dad's copy so I just recited what I could remember. I was surprised how much I actually knew. As Seth was going to sleep, we heard Santa's "jingle bells" outside the window. Seth covered his ears and buried his head against me. I was asking him if he was ok and he was whispering so quietly I couldn't hear what he was saying. I finally figured out that he was saying, "I don't want Santa to see me (awake.)" He was out like a light within minutes. Later on, Seth would say that hearing those bells was his favorite part of Christmas. Mark stayed up putting Seth's train table together for three hours so that Santa could be on his way. He did a great job and the table definitely had the "wow factor".
Seth slept until after eight and woke us up. He said that he thought Santa had come so I told him I'd check and see. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Aunt Sandy all wanted to see his reaction so I made sure that everyone was ready. Mark went out into the living room to get ready to video and then Seth and slowly emerged. I think Seth was afraid Santa was still there or something because he was hiding behind me and I had to coax him out. He was acting very shy until he saw the train table - then it was on!

Even Miles woke up to join in the fun.

Seth had a great time opening and giving gifts. He got lost of toys, games, books and clothes and was excited for each one.

But he really loved his train table. He later said that it was the biggest present he had ever seen.

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