Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Funny Bunny

One day when it was very hot, Seth and I were walking up Dana & Domingo's driveway. Seth said, "Hurry up Mom, before we get those sweating balls all over us. They can get on your legs and everything."

A few weeks ago, Seth noticed Dad's glasses on the hutch and asked Mom, "Grandma, when you die are you going to take Papa's glasses up to heaven for him?"

When Seth & Mark were doing homework one day, Mark told Seth to choke up on the pencil. So he did. He brought the pencil close to his mouth and proceeded to cough on it!

The weekend of Matthews Alive, Seth and I drove past the festival on the way to Mom and Dad's (it's always going to be called that). Seth was incensed that the festival was already in full swing. "We have to call Molly. They started the fair without us. That's rude."

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  1. Love the quotes this week. I glad that you added a few more. Sorry for the late comment, I have been behind on my reading. Thanks again for linking up, I cannot wait to see what Seth says next week.