Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quotable Seth

S: "Do you know what Sophia wants on her birthday cake?"
M: "No, what?"
S: (enthusiastically) "MEEEE! Because she loves me!"

When Seth was writing his letter to Santa he wanted to go straight into what he wanted. I explained that he didn't want to bee too greedy and he should start off with some small talk first. After asking about the reindeer, Mrs. Claus, the elves and the North Pole he turned to me and asked, "Is it ok if I be a little bit greedy now?"

Speaking of greedy, the television is turning my sweet boy into a brainwashed hyper-consumer! I'm ready to throw it out the window! In addition to wanting every toy he sees a commercial for, he has also said he wants green bean casserole, a mattress without springs "so I don't disturb my partner", a under bed shoe and sock organizer ans Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning "to make awful food taste good". Ugh!!

M: "Guess what, Seth."
S: "What?"
M: "I gound your hat and gloves!!"
S: "Well, that's not very exciting."

BONUS: Quotable Trey
Trey and Seth spend a lot of time together and they love each other so much. Trey is learning to talk and calls Seth "Eppy" (Mimi calls him Sethy sometimes. He also sometimes calls him "Eppy Ro Ro" or the shortened "Ep". We have all taken to calling Seth these cute names. And he answers to then without flinching!

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