Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upon Learning of Bin Laden's Death

Tonight, the country exploded in celebration as the news spread that one of the most evil men to ever walk the earth is dead. Osama Bin Laden, founder of the violent terrorist organization al-Qaeda, was responsible the 9-11 attacks that killed nearly 3000 Americans and set off a chain reaction of events that lead to countless more. While I observe the jubilant response by so many, I'm left perplexed. Don't get me wrong. Bin Laden was a truly horrible man and this is the fate he chose for himself. But the mood it stirs in me isn't joy or elation. It's sadness. Sadness at the images forever burned into my memory of 9-11 and for all of the lives that were ripped apart that day. Sadness that I will never again feel complete safety for my family. Sadness that I have to raise my son in a world where violence and war are valued over peace and understanding. The reply of much of the American public reminds me a little bit of The Wizard of Oz. All of the munchkins are dancing around, singing "ding, dong, the witch is dead." Don't they realize her angry sister will be seeking vengeance? This will certainly go down as an important day in American history, but it doesn't change our current situation and I fear what comes next.

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