Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Since Mark had to work ALL DAY LONG on his birthday, we celebrated the day after. We let him sleep in and woke him up with french toast and sausage for breakfast. Then he got to watch a whole episode of Swamp People uninterrupted while Seth and I prepared his birthday scavenger hunt. We had so much fun writing the clues:

 "Upon the couch is where you sit
If you stay, no gift you'll get.
Take the remote and pause it.
Look inside your bedroom closet"
 "The next clue is near.
In fact, it's right here.
Look up, look left, look to the floor.
Look inside your dresser drawer."
 "A pinch of this, a dash of that.
The claw of a big black cat.
An eye of newt, now boil it.
Go look near the toilet"
 "The next place is a compound word.
You know what that means, nerd.
Our old one went to Papa Dave.
Look inside the microwave"
"This is your final clue.
It's your day. Here's to you.
Happy Birthday. You're the man.
Look in the back of the van."

We gave him some new grilling tools and a long awaited toaster oven. Mark has talked about a toaster oven for years, but I never saw the appeal. We have a toaster. We have an oven. Why do we need a toaster oven? Apparently, they make some magical kind of cheese toast.
Seth and I made this "birthday cake" that had a layer of chocolate chip cookies, a layer of Oreos and a layer of brownies. It was crazt rich, but Seth LOVED it and wouldn't leave it alone.

I tried to pull together a last minute camping trip, but all of the lodgings at the state parks were booked and it was rainy-ish so we just spent a quiet day at home. We went out for Mexican and got caught in a colossal hail storm on  the way home. Seth was surprisingly unimpressed. It was nice to spend a whole day together. We don't get many of them these days.

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