Thursday, August 9, 2012

Topsail - Day 6

On Thursday the dads had their morning out and went fishing on the pier. In the morning we opened up the tue dye shirts and all oohed and ahhhed. They turned out awesome! We spent the morning on the beach. In the afternoon, we went for a walk on  the pier to check the fishing progress, but the dads had already left for lunch. They didn't have much luck. The pier was a little ramshackle which made me a little nervous. Later that afternoon, while the dads had nap time, we all went to a sea turtle hospital. Seth loved it and it was definitely a highlight of the trip. After the hospital, we went to Luna Pops for all natural, organic popsicles. I got Mango Chili and Seth had Cookies and Cream. We had a quite evening in. Seth and I went to bed early, but Mark and some of the others went back to the pier for a little night fishing/observing.

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