Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

Today and everyday I have so many things to be thankful for. This is the short list.

My wonderful family - far and near.
A beautiful son who lights up my world.
My sweet, sweet husband.
Step-kids that I love as if they were my own.
The palmetto sky.
Nieces. Nephews.
Nap time.
Happy childhood memories.
Sunny days spent outdoors.
Chilly, snugly days.
Having everything I really need.
That 30 is the new 20.
Lady and the Tramp.
Trips to the beach.
Parents who are also friends.
Puddles to splash in.
Seth's contagious laugh.
The DVR.
Spell check.
Radical new ideas.
Coffee. Very strong coffee.
Puppy dogs of the short and elongated variety.
Celebrations great and small.
Bubble baths - giving them and taking them.
My camera.
A new nephew on the way.
Birds, trees, flowers - all that stuff.
Nooks and crannies.
Being able to spend most of my time at home.
Getting to leave from time to time.
Beach wheelchairs.
Little People.
Teaching Seth.
Learning from him.
The unknown.
Little brothers - even if they aren't little anymore.
Days at the zoo.
The promise of the future.
Cranberry Jello Surprise.
Family game night.
Good music.
Reality TV.
Living in a free society.
Getting older - and wiser.
My health.

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