Thursday, July 28, 2011


Seth and Sophia on the luggage cart.

Mom and Grandma.

We had a blast looking at old pics. Grandma has tons of albums.

Grandma and the Hannon Kids


Seth woke up at midnight, hungry. Grandma made him some of her famous scrambled eggs. She revealed her secret to making them so good - they're cooked in butter AND a touch of oil.

Aunt Dana made a whistle out of a straw at lunch on the way home.


Beside our trip to Kennywood, I didn't take many pictures of our visit to Pennsylvania. We received some sad news on the eve or our trip. Our Great Aunt Betty, Grandma's sister, had passed away. While it was nice to see so many beloved family members, we are deeply saddened at the loss of such a wonderful lady. Dan rushed up to be with the family as soon as he could. We spent much of the trip in Ebensburg, supporting Grandma during this difficult time. Seth did get to sneak in a quick visit with Nate and Will on our last night. While it wasn't the way we had envisioned our visit, we sure were glad we could be with our family to celebrate the life of our dear Aunt Betty.

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