Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been wanting to take Seth to Kennywood for a while now and we finally had the chance!! Wile we were in Pittsburgh, we got to spend an evening at the amusement that we all went to every summer as children. Seth and Sophia loved the rides in Kiddyland and Seth was big enough for many of the regular rides too. He loved the Turtles, Parachutes, Kangaroo, and Merry-Go-Round, but hated Noah's Ark - it has changed since I was a kid and is kind of scary now - and Garfield's Nightmare - sounds scarier than it is - picture Garfiled being chased by a cartoon ice cream cone, but I think the darkness caught him off guard. He rode the Log Jammer (like a water coaster) and the Jack Rabbit - his first real roller coaster. At the time he was unsure of these two, but now says he loves them. Mom and Dana rode the Phantom's Revenge - a ginormous steel coaster and Mom and I rode the Thunderbolt, which was way more jerky than I remember. We also had all kinds of junk food - cotton candy, corn dogs and fries from the Potato Patch (with onion salt - yum!). Dad really wanted to take the kids last summer while we were up, but he was just too sick. I wish he could have been there, but I'm glad we could carry on this family tradition.

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