Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Funny Bunny

"Do you remember this toy, from back in the day?" Uh yeah...you mean from way back in 2009?

S:Can dogs eat chicken bones?
M: No, but they can have pork or beef bones.
S: Beef bones? What are beef bones?
M: Bones from a cow.
S: From a cow!? Did I ever eat cow?
M: That's what burgers are made of.
S: Aaagh! I'm gonna die!?

 later that day...

S: Mom is there cow in this ravioli?
M: Yes, the filling is made from beef.
S: Mmmmm...I LOVE cow!!

Seth: This is ABC Ice Cream.
Me: What's ABC Ice Cream?
Seth: Already Been Chewed.
Me: Eww. Where did you get that from?
Seth: Uncle Dan. He had ABC corn dogs.

"Something is wrong with the T.V. You need to call Time-Warner Cable."

One day Seth was watching Busy Town and I heard him yelling at the television, "I'm not a mother!!" When I asked what he was yelling about, he said, "This lady is saying 'If you are the mother of a young child, then I need to talk to you.' I told her I'm not a mother, but she keeps on talking."

"Some kids were saying butt crack at school and they didn't even get in trouble."
 "Someday, I want to visit Ant-Africa."
"Heath is very, very strong.  He used his muscles and pushed the elevator door right open."
"Everyone has a talent...but I have the most."

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