Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby's First Novel

We have been reading How to Train Your Dragon and I think Seth was inspired. He wanted to write his own book and we had lots of fun doing this the other day. He wants to send it to Grandma "Beezurich", so I wanted to make sure to preserve it here. Without further ado, the world premire of Moldy Dragons by Seth Roper.
 Chapter One:
 Once upon a time, there was a boy named Snowman. He had a dragon for a pet. The dragon bit the boy.

Snowman said, "Ouch! Ouch! Stop biting me. I'll give you as many fish as you want if you stop biting me."

The moldy dragon went diving for fish. He sank the bottom of the ocean inside a sunken ship.

Inside the ship he makes a friend.

He says, "Hi. My name is Risko Calceen."

The other dragon says, "Hi. My name is Crayon."

Then, Crayon and Risko go back to the shore to take a breath.

Risko and Crayon go to their underwater house.
They hid from a shark inside of logs.

 Risko Calceen and Crayon find a treasure chest inside there. There are golden dragon masks in there. They try on the masks and take the whole treasure back to their home.

Risko and Crayon go back to the boy. They say, "We had quite an adventure."

Then they give him the treasure. "I'm sorry for biting you." said Risko.

The boy says, "I missed you."

They all hug and a rainbow comes up from the sea.

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