Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1 - Love - I love love!

2 - Leizle - My sweet doggy. I miss her so!

3 - Leon - My parent's dog. We got him for my Dad for Christmas 2001. He is a fluffy white Bichon Frise. I like it when Seth calls him Uncle Leon.

4- Lottery - I rarely play the lottery but buy a ticket for fun once in a while.

5 - Literature - I love a great book, but rarely read since I have become a parent. Every time I start to read, I fall asleep!

6- Lentil Soup - Mark makes the best.

7 - Love Bird - We had a Love Bird once. Miles and Carlee named it money bird because it reminded them of the printing on the new style of dollar bills when it came out. It didn't have a Love Bird to love. :(

8 - Lollipops - Seth enjoys a good lollipop. He always chooses red, because "Daddy like red."

9 - Ladybugs - The only bug I don't mind Seth picking up.

10 - Low Country - I immediately feel relaxed when I visit SC's Low Country.

11 - Lily - If Seth would have been a girl, there is a 50% chance this would have been his name.

12 - Lilac - The scent of lilac immediately brings me back to my childhood.

13 - Lynn - My middle name.

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