Friday, February 12, 2010


After we had played for about an hour or so we got a phone call from Jason. He had an "emergency" - his cable was out and he needed Mark to fix it. I'm glad it was only a few blocks away because the roads were already getting snowy. When we got to Jason's we saw all the work that is being done on his house. He had the wall between the dining room and living room knocked down and it looks so much bigger. He is also getting granite counter tops, re-acing the cabinets and getting the hardwoods refinished. I lived in this house for five years and I'm not even going to recognize it when it's done.
We got to see Marshall too. We hadn't seen him since Seth's birthday! and he always cracks me up. He said, "I can't cook in this weather. I'm going to Wendy's."

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