Friday, February 5, 2010

Zing! Zang! Zoom!

We had a great time at the circus, but I only got a couple of pics because my camera battery was so low! Seth, of course, loved it. He was kind of tired and was a lot more fidgety than last year, but still had a great time. He kept telling me that he was feeling "thirsty and snacky", so I went to get him a snack. As I was coming back in, the lights came up for intermission and Seth caught my eye. He was smiling in anticipation of his snack. His smile quickly faded and turned angry when he saw what I bought him - a giant soft pretzel. Apparently, this was not what he had in mind. When I got to him he said, "That isn't what I wanted. I don't want that!" Mark and I both tried to convince him how great it was - "Wow! It's a pretzel bigger than your head!!" - but it was useless. He said, "I wanted one of those really big ice cream thingies I saw." (He was talking about the twelve dollar snow cones.) So, I took him to the lobby to choose something. In the end he decided on some Dippin' Dots and a toy human cannonball. The whole thing was pretty funny and was my highlight of the night! Oh yeah, the circus was good too!

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