Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yee Haw!

Today we went to Hendrix Farms with our play group. We thought we were going for pony rides, but when we got there there was a horse to ride too! Before we went, Seth said he was a "a little bit scared of that partner" that was going to be there. It took a second but then it clicked. (Howdy Partner.) I assured him that there were no cowboys, only the play group, and he was good to go. First Seth rode on a cute little pony named Queenie. He hopped right up like he had done this before. A little bit later he decided he wanted to ride the big horse too - a Tennessee Walking Horse named Poky. I thought Seth would be scared but I was more nervous than he was. He rode around like a champ! He also learned that the white horse in the pasture was named Ghost and he was quite taken with her. He couldn't stop talking about Ghost all day! The weather was perfect. It's hard to believe that last week at this time there was eight inches if snow on the ground. This was an awesome play date!

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