Friday, February 12, 2010


We were so excited to see snow finally! I knew that they were calling for snow but I thought it was going to be another false alarm. Seth and I were riding down the road when it started but I had to convince him that it was snowing at first. It was so light he could barely see it. "Isn't it magical?", I asked. His reply? "Not magical yet." We had to run into the store which was a madhouse! By the time we got out the snow was really coming down . Seth was so cute trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue! After Mark got home from work the snow had started to accumulate and we all headed out to play. Once Seth saw how much fun the snow was he really started to get excited about it. We had a blast running around the yard, shaking branched and throwing snow balls. I fed Seth a bite of snow and he said it was "delicious". Seth got his snow angels he has been asking for! In fact we ALL made snow angels.

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