Friday, August 12, 2011

Harbnor Island - Day Seven

Friday was a hard day for everyone, because it was the one year anniversary of Dad's passing. As hard as it was, it was good that we could all spend this week together as a family, the way Dad would have wanted us to be. In the morning we went with Dan and fam to Hunting Island to check out the lighthouse. I had never seen a lighthouse up close like that and it was very interesting, but super hot out and Dan was the only one to brave the heat to climb to the top. In the afternoon, we got our last bit of swimming and fishing, but stayed way close in because of a couple of suspicious fins spotted in the water. I'm not surprised, given the amount of sharks caught on the trip, but for the most part we were incredibly at ease in the water for the week. After a storm, Mark, Dana and I spread a basket of shells out on the beach for the kids to "find". I thought I had a stroke of genius until Mark reminded me that I got the idea from Tori Spelling. When everyone came out the see the shells that washed up during the storm, the kids were so excited and Molly yelled, "Holy Crap!" as they ran down the stairs. The kids were giddy and scrambled to pick up all of the shells. Way better than an egg hunt! Priceless. After the shells, we all went for seafood (except anti-seafood Mingo who had steak) at a place called 11th St. Dockside in Port Royal and it was great. We went home to relax a bit and start to pack up.

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