Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harbor Island - Day Five

In the morning, more fishing, swimming and nature. It's unreal to just get on a float in the ocean and not get thrashed around in the surf. So relaxing. In the afternoon, the girls got to go out for the afternoon. We went shopping and to lunch in Beaufort. The dads all stayed with the kids and played on the beach. Mark kept the camera and took ONE picture the whole time! When we got back we hit the beach again. It was Dan and Erika's turn for dinner and Dan made an alfredo bar with pasta, broccoli, spinach peas, fresh shrimp (yum!),chicken, bread and pesto. After we ate, Mom, Seth, Dan, Molly and I hit the pool for about an hour. The sunset over the marsh past the pool was beautiful. The kids crashed watching a movie and we played Shut the Box and Bunco. Mark won $20 for most overall wins and we all had a blast.

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