Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harbor Island - Day Six

Today was the day of the Sandmaster Challenge. We woke up and hit the beach. Mark wanted to make a reproduction of the Lomabrdi Trophy and I wanted to do a dolphin or a alligator. Mark cut the bottom out of a plastic tote and we packed it with sand and water. Mom, Mark and I headed to Wal-Mart while our "form" set up. Our car was blocked in so we decided to take Mom's. I thought Mark knew where we were going and we left the GPS behind. Big mistake! We got lost on the way there and really lost on the way home. It took us an hour and a half just to get home! When we got back, Dana had made an awesome sea turtle and Erika and Dan made a super cute octopus. All we had was a bin full of sand. We had to bust a move and come up with something because the tide was rolling in. Mark ended up carving dice in honor of the Bunco tournament the night before in about 3 minutes. Mom and Hush Puppy were the judges and after careful deliberation Dana was presented the trophy - a little lighthouse, which she will retain for one year, until we take our rightful title of Sandmaster 2012. Mark and I cooked dinner - steak, pasta salad (Mom made one and I made another), bread, corn on the cob and Homemade Key Lime Pie. After dinner, a little beach time and then bed for the kids and Bunco for the grownups. Mark won $10 this time for most losses and we made Watermelon Margaritas. Yum!

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