Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harbor Island - Day Two

When we got up and rolling, I took Seth and Molly down to the beach. It was low tide and the sand was very soft right in front of us - almost like quick sand in parts - so I decided to walk down a ways to where the ground looked more solid. In retrospect, maybe not such a great idea. It was farther than it looked. Seth carried his chair, Molly carried a bucket and a shovel and I carried two beach chairs, a beach bag, a cooler, an umbrella and various sand toys. A bit later, Mark joined us. I was surprised that Seth hopped right in, because he is usually afraid of the ocean. He and Molly also had fun totally covering my legs in sand. We went in for lunch and came back out as the tide was rolling in. We saw more dolphins and some actually breached the water which was one of the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We also saw a few suspicious fins and stayed in the shallow water. Seth was loving fishing - he caught lots of fish, sharks and stingrays on the trip and loves saltwater fishing just as much as lake fishing. It was Dana and Domingo's night to cook and they made lasagna, salad and banana pudding which was delicious. After dinner, Seth, Mark, Molly, Dan and I hit the pool. The water was pretty warm, but it was nice to see our toes. When we got back, Seth crashed on the couch. We played Trivial Pursuit and a SNL game and then turned in.

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