Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loving the Lake

We just got home from a wonderful trip to Lake Hartwell. We had such a great time and are ready to go back.

The house we rented was lovely and had everything we could ask for,
including a spectacular view.

Seth fit right in with his traditional vacation attire.

We loved blowing giant bubbles,

relaxing in the hammock,

building a bonfire (even though the temperature was way too hot for it),

drawing on the rocks,
jumping on the trampoline, posing like a superstar, and taking in the view.
But mostly we loved the lake!

Mark got Seth his very own boy-sized fishing pole and taught him how to fish. He caught his very first bass - almost. It got off the line before we could get it in, but it was very exciting. It's amazing that anything got on the line at all because he wouldn't let the line say in the water. He kept reeling it in. We did lots of swimming and Seth jumped in off the dock into the DEEP water two times. He wanted to jump more but we got a little nervous and went back to the more shallow side. The dock was a double decker and I jumped off the top deck into the lake. I can't believe I did it - it looked sooo high once you were up top! The trip was very relaxing and we had a a great time with family. We are already planning our next adventure!


  1. I'm glad you all had a great time!

  2. I wanna go! I never get to have any fun!