Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1 - Papa - My Papa passed away about a year and a half ago. It is still hard to believe he is gone. Seth has three Papas.

2 - Pup-Pup - Our little dachshund. It's a silly name but it still fits her even though she is five.

3 - Published - I would love to one day be a published author. Of what I'm still not sure.

4 - Pink - Mark recently bought two Pink CD's. Now when we get in the car, Seth says, "I want to hear Pink!"

5 - Pottery - I have always wanted to learn how to make pottery.

6 - Power of Two - The song Mark and I had our first dance to at our wedding.

7 - P-Zip With the Wee Zip - A silly nickname for our silly-named silly dog. Sometimes Seth says that he wants P-zip without the wee zip.

8 - Potty Trained - Something we are not! If he would just take time out of his busy schedule...

9 - Playgroup - We joined a great playgroup this past winter and are having so much fun with all of the activities they offer!

10/11 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - My hometown.

12 - Porch - It is relaxing to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the fresh air.

13 - Pictures - I love taking pictures just about everyday. What did we ever do before digital cameras?

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